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Our brand new studio cd Jango Monkey Magic Whoosh is finally finished and is expected to be released Feb 2011. Go to Magic Whoosh hq for all the details!

Our 1st studio album is still available! Actual Cds (including a 12 page booklet containing all lyrics, and original artwork by former Jango drummer Bob Newton) and mp3 downloads! Click below to purchase.

As an unsigned independent band, please realize that we've worked really hard to get these cds out, and we've put substantial chunks of our own money into this. Every band faces the paradoxical issue of needing as many people as possible to hear the music (and share the music) to get the word out, while also needing to recoup some funds for all that goes into this. This is a friendly plea - buy some Jango Monkey Cds! and if along the way you can direct some friends to our site to also buy some cds...that'd be swell. Let us know if you'd like an autographed copy.

The Track Listing:
1. The Escape 4:33
2. It Takes Awhile 3:50
3. Losing It 5:17
4. Hurry Up & Wait 3:32
5. Green Girl 4:27
6. Got It Made 4:40
7. Shelter 3:54
8. Pests 6:43
9. You Got Another Thing Comin' 3:46
10. Great Expectations 7:02
11. Dangling 3:17
12. Musical Gods 7:01

There are in fact several ways to purchase a Jango Monkey CD:

1. Use the nifty Nimbit widget above to purchase mp3 downloads (and soon actual cds). Click on the shopping cart when your ready, and that will bring you to the Nimbit site where credit cards are accepted.

2. If you're on the Mailing list you can purchase a cd directly from us for $10 (that includes shipping and handling). Send $10 to
Jango Monkey
3287 Timberloch Dr
Marietta, GA 30068

3.. If you're not on the Mailing list, send $12 to the above address. (why don't you just sign the mailing list?)

4.. If you prefer to use credit cards, use Nimbits webstore CdFreedom.com: Buy Jango Monkey

5. The Cd is available for download from ITUNES, and many other sites.

By the way, we've also got some really swell Jango Monkey T-shirts featuring the CD cover art - It's best to buy these fine garments at our live shows, but if you ask nicely, we would probably sell you one online ($15).

Special deals ON THE CD AND other cool MERCH for those who are on our mailing list! SO SIGN UP!!!!!

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